Auto rejoin:
Manual IP (Or auto when no IP is entered). (Use this as party leader or when another friend joins you)
Upload a background, then click "Set BG" to set it.
To join a specific IP, fill in the IP and select "IP" in the Play tab.
To join a party, fill in the Party Code and select "Party" in the Play tab.

Participants will always join the creator of the party during his session, even when he switches servers.
To connect to a friend, select your friend and select "Friends" in the Play tab.
Respawn - ESC
Zoom In/Out = Mouse wheel scroll Down/Up
Die - Q
Reset Zoom - Tilde/Grave (~/`) or Period (.)
Toggle HUD - TAB
Toggle Skin Rotator - W
Boost/Speed - Shift/Left Mouse Button

Make sure you delete/disable any other userscipts/extensions first!
To do this (or to delete our extension), go to chrome://extensions and click the disable checkbox or the trash can icon next to the extension you want to disable/delete

Clan / Nickname